Coconut oil/ Coconut milk

Coconut oil/Coconut milk

Organic Coconut oil has become my favourite oil and favourite ingredient.  It can be used to massage your scalp, could be used when cooking or baking, or as a moisturiser etc.  The benefits of this oil could be attributed to the presence of lauric and capric acid.

This oil is used extensively in India.  Indian people are known to regularly massage their scalp with coconut oil.

This oil is very useful for weight loss too.  Organic coconut oil contains short and medium chain fatty acids that help in taking off excessive weight.
It also strengthens the immune system as it contains microbial lipids,  lauric acid and capric acid which have antibacterial properties.

This liquid is full of vitamins and minerals that restore hair and scalp health.

My favourite and most refreshing drink on a hot day is coconut water:)


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