Back in the UK

I’m back in the UK, making more memories.  Been in Bournemouth for a week and I love Bournemouth Square, all my favourite stores are just around the corner as well as  Bournemouth Beach.   I love watching random people perform at Bournemouth Square. 

I have uploaded some pics of my UK trip…

London definitely has an energy that no other city has.  So many cultures, accents and so many people…its amazing:) The best part about being in the UK during this time of the year is the festive atmosphere.   Christmas lights on the streets and lots of Christmas sales.  You can just feel it, Xmas is around  the corner; )

When I’m in London I always go to Laduree and Harrods.  I’m always amazed at how massive Harrods is and I absolutely the macaroons at Laduree.  I also love the curries at Madhus in Harrods; )

Friday nights at Picadilly. ….

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