It’s winter ❀

It’s winter here in South Africa & I am probably the only person who loves this season. It’s the season for yummy pastas, mexican food, spiced chai, popcorn & Netflix:)

#I love winter:)

It’s Sunday

I love Sunday morning…there’s something about the energy and clarity on a Sunday morning.

I woke up with a greatful heart ❀. I hope the world will return to normal soon.

What are you doing this Sunday?

Stay safe πŸ™

Sundays are for doing some yoga, relaxing, comfort food and planning for the week ahead….

Lion Park

If you’re visiting South Africa, you should visit a game reserve, the lion park or the zoo.

While I am terrified of Lions it’s also quite an experience to watch them at such a close distance.

There is a fee to enter and it’s generally per person. The lion park has other animals like Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches etc also. I think it’s quite therapeutic to be with the animals while enjoying the gorgeous mountain view and the countryside at the same.

This specific safari park is about an hour away from Johannesburg.